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Products and Services

Chimney cleaning and inspection: Full system cleaning and visual inspections making sure that system is not only clean, but safe to use.


Brick and masonry repairs: Rebuilding of old unsafe fireboxes turning your system into a safe, well working code compliant fireplace.


Dryer vent cleaning: Cleaning dryer vents help to prevent fires, saves money and make your unit last longer. In most cases dryer vents should be cleaned once every 2-5 years.


Wood Stove inserts installation: Looking for more heat from you system? This might be for you. Wood stove inserts fit into your current firebox and can heat a home of 2500sf. Now that’s what I call heat!


Spark arrester installation: One of the most important items you can have on your fireplace is a spark arrester. Spark arresters do many wonderful things for your fireplace such as help keep sparks from exiting the system, keep rain out of the fireplace and don’t forget about keeping out animals. Spark arresters can also help with other problems like down drafts.
Stage 3 glazed creosote removal: Glazed creosote is the most dangerous type of creosote and is also the most difficult to remove. Often the glazed creosote must first be modified using product like CRE-Away and then mechanically removed using a powered brush.


Draft and smoking problems: There are hundreds of reasons why that a fireplace might smoke (just ask my mom.) With years of experience there’s a good chance that we can find your reason and fix it bringing your system back into great working shape.


Crown Repair: The crown is the top section of the chimney. Crowns are most commonly made of mortar or concrete. Similarly to concrete in the driveways, crowns often crack and deteriorate letting moisture enter the system. Crowns should always be sealed using only products that are made for that use such as CrownSeal®. Never Use TAR.


Consultation: Whatever the need Lucky Cricket Chimney Sweep will be there to give advice and information about into the working of your fireplace including ways to increase your safety.


Stainless steel fireplace relining systems: A cost effective way of making your system work safely again without the pain and cost of rebuilding.


GAS logs: Lucky Cricket Chimney Sweep offers a full lineup of GAS logs both vented & vent free.