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Dampers(commonly referred to as the flue by many homeowners)

Energy savings!!! Surely everyone likes to save money. Right? Well dampers for many are just the way to help with those high heating bills. Old throat style dampers are made of steel that rest against more steel. That can’t work, can it? Well, not really and that’s why top seal dampers are so popular. Lyemance dampers are the replacement damper of choice at Lucky Cricket Chimney Sweep. Lyemance dampers are silicone gasket sealed and come with a life time warranty. In addition Lyemance dampers are more than 10 times more efficient than standard throat style dampers saving what could be hundreds of dollars a year.



Lyemance Dampers

Lyemance Dampers - The Whole Story

Do you know energy dollars are escaping out your chimney?


cast-iron plate and frame

Cast-iron plate and frame do not seal tightly, allowing energy dollars to escape.

See why most dampers perform poorly and cost you money.

  • Traditional dampers are located in the "throat" of a fireplace. They are made of cast-iron and are housed in a low-tech frame work.
  • These cast-iron dampers do not seal well—they have a leaky, rough, metal-to-metal seal.
  • Recent lab studies have shown that even a new throat damper can leak up to $200 of heating and cooling a year. Imagine how much energy an old, rusted out damper leaks!



The Lyemance Energy-Saving Damper seals tightly to save you money.

  • Lyemance's rubber gasket seals tightly like a storm door for your fireplace, and keeps heating and cooling dollars where they should your home.
  • Lyemance mounts on top of your chimney to keep out animals and rain.
  • Lyemance easily operates from inside your firebox and seals tight every time you close it—eliminating any draft.



silicone rubber gasket

Red, silicone rubber gasket under Lyemance lid seals tightly to eliminate draft.

Do you still need more convincing that the Lyemance Energy-Saving Damper is right for you? Here is a five minute video that demonstrates the differences we have stated above.
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